Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who doesn't love a good makeover?

I've always been a bit suspicious when I read stories about people finding these great furniture pieces "just sitting on the curb" that they've managed to scoop up and work into their homes beautifully. Where do these people live? And are there available apartments there? Yes, I was a doubter until sometime last October when, after leaving my friends' apartment one night, I found this chair sitting on the curb.
I heard a voice in my head that sounded a lot like Linus' in A Charlie Brown Christmas saying, "all it needed was a little love." I put the chair in the back of my car and brought it home. And there is sat, looking at me forlornly, until last weekend when I finally made good on my promise to make the chair cool again.

The best part? This chair cost me under $5 to redo. The fabric was left over from a client's project and they graciously let me keep it. The cushion was actually from an old sofa cushion sample we had at the store that I cut down. The only thing I actually paid for was the stain to redo the finish.

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